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A Day On The Green for Ronald McDonald House Charity

During the most difficult times in their lives, Ronald McDonald House Charity gives seriously ill children the best gift of all – their families. Since the first Ronald McDonald House opened in Australia in 1981, RMHC has hosted over 2.9…

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Ambrose Building Hosts Caloundra Chamber of Commerce

The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce’s focus is on communication – with people, with the community and with business. Their vision is to establish Caloundra as the most dynamic, welcoming and connected business hub in regional Queensland! Ambrose Building recently hosted…

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Brett Ambrose Awarded EY Entrepreneur of the Year QLD 2018

In 2018, owner Brett Ambrose was awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award for Queensland and was a National Finalist in 2018. “The finalists from Australia’s Northern Region will join talented entrepreneurs from across the country nominated for this…

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What does it take to rebuild a flood-damaged city?

Suncorp feature Brett Ambrose, owner of Ambrose Building. on the response to the Townsville Floods Link to article.

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Insurance PDS – Did you read it?

It sounds like a very dry topic, but in the induction of our new staff we ask, two questions:

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Our Shared Operational Language A disruptor is defined as: A company that changes the traditional way an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way. InsureTech refers to the use of technology innovations designed to squeeze out savings and…

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Did You Know – Most Expensive Cyclone ever?

TC Debbie is the 2nd most expensive cyclone in Australia’s history only second to Darwin’s Cyclone Tracey in 1974. North Queensland has a history of devastating natural disasters including cyclones and floods. Some of the more significant events affecting the region…

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Cyclone Debbie – ICA Statistics

Cyclone Debbie – By The Numbers As we are now past the twelve month anniversary of TC Debbie the Insurance Council of Australia have updated their statistics as to the cost and analysis of the cyclone.  Details are correct as at…

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Understanding Building Codes and Standards

Sometimes when we refer to codes and standards it can be a little confusing for the lay person to understand the hierarchy of what’s involved.  Below we have broken out the hierarchy and relationship between the codes and standards to provide…

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Silica Dust Exposure

Respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust exposure is at the centre of a campaign commencing soon by WHSQ Inspectors because of the harm it can cause Queenslanders. What is RCS Silica is silicon dioxide, a naturally occurring widely abundant mineral that forms the…

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